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Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Everyday Stewardship

Being a parent is one of those jobs where you never really get to rest. Even on a vacation, a parent never stops performing the tasks of being a parent: providing, driving, disciplining. That's one reason why so many people desire a vacation after their vacation.

There are some people who never rest from work. They have a cell phone to their ear at home, at a restaurant, and, of course, at a hotel during their vacation. Their jobs might be pretty demanding and hopefully they perform their tasks well for their employer, but they always seem preoccupied.

Jesus tried to have his apostles take a break and rest in Mark 6. They had been so consumed with the crowds and had not even had a chance to eat. So Jesus took them to a deserted place. However, the crowds found them there too, so Jesus continued to teach. It does not say what the apostles did during that time, but I am going to guess it wasn't genuine rest.

Everyone needs a rest. The problem is that we fail to understand how important it is to rest. We think rest is void of action. Not only is resting an action in itself, but it is sometimes the only time we have to spend with God one-on-one. How can we truly say a relationship with God is important when we never spend time alone with God? Failing to take the time to rest in God's presence is poor stewardship of time. Apostles need it. Workers need it. Parents need it. Everyone needs rest. Some say we never rest because we feel we do not have permission to rest and people will see us as lazy. Read Mark 6. Sometimes circumstances make it hard to rest, but you have been given permission for sure--from Jesus himself.

Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS
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