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Saint Francis

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Saint Vincent de Paul
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A Message from
our Pastor

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dear Friends,

Peace and all Good!

In the Isaiah reading today, God says: “My word shall not return to me void.” God has a plan. God’s plan is none other than our salvation and not condemnation. God created our world good and so God will not leave our world to undergo corruption and destruction. As the rain falls, as the seed is sown, so does the creative and life giving word of God come to us, achieving its end in due season. These are words of comfort for us. “My word shall not return to me void.” The word of the Lord is that we have life and have it to the full. In the Gospel parable today, the word is compared to a seed and how God, the sower of the seed wishes that we grow into grand, healthy plants. I know that we all want to be like that seed which grows in rich top soil. But, sometimes it takes time to get there. Don’t get discouraged. God will continue to send sowers out to sow in the field, scattering words of life on our paths. One day, the hard work of clearing the ground will pay off. The seed will sprout up from the heart of each one of us. This week, sow the Good Word in unlikely places. Use kindness where none is given. Speak hope into someone’s darkness. Witness your faith to a non-believer. You never know when a seed will take root!

I call your attention to a very special event taking place this Monday evening, July 14th. As part of our St. Mary’s Centennial celebration, the Native American community of our parish and from around the city will host a beautiful Mass and celebration in honor of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American to be canonized. It’s going to be a wonderful event! We will begin at 5:00 p.m. with a short dramatization of the saint’s life. Then, at 5:30 p.m., we will celebrate a bi-lingual Mass in English and a Native American language. The highlight will be the unveiling and blessing of our new statue and shrine dedicated to St. Kateri Tekakwitha! The Music will be ethnic as well! And a lovely reception will follow downstairs. Please see the bulletin for more details. See you on Monday evening as we celebrate this parish’s amazing diversity!

Registration for Religious Education and the R.C.I.A. will continue this Sunday morning downstairs in the social hall. Br. Tito is looking forward to his new position as the Director of Christian Formation for the parish. Please see him after Mass today or give him a call during the week.

If you or someone you know is suffering from the grief at the loss of a loved one, you are urged to attend our grief support group: “Healing Grief for Hopeful Living.” The support group will meet next Saturday afternoon, July 19th. Please see the bulletin for details. Sometimes it takes us a long time to heal from a loss. We need each other to deal with this pain. These lovely parishioners will help us do just that!

In closing, it seems that these last few weeks of my time with you are drawing quickly to a close. I would like to celebrate a Farewell Mass with you at 5:00 p.m. on August 2nd, the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula. After the Mass, we are invited by the Parish Community Life Committee to a delicious Italian dinner. Of course! Ha! Ha! Hope you can come so that we can greet one another! All of you are loved!

As ever,

Fr. Vince


(from left to right) Fr. Luis Baldonado, Fr. Vincent J. Mesi, Fr. Micah Muhlen
and Brother Tito

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