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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dear friends:

“The Kingdom of heaven is like…” When you hear these words in Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels, something good is coming. Jesus’ teachings on “the reign of God” give us a snapshot into the personality of the Master. He preached the kingdom using beautiful images. They tell us so much about him. “It is like a mustard seed.” “It’s like a wedding banquet.” “It’s like a woman’s search for a lost coin. Or “a father’s search for a lost son.” St. Matthew’s parables are used over the next two Sundays with the image of “a landowner who went out at dawn to hire laborers…” Everyone, last and first, got the same generous wage. The radical justice and generosity of God sometimes leaves us with our mouths hanging open. Sometimes we are envious of the goodness of God to others, thinking there is only a small amount. Our imaginations need healing. God’s love is so big. There is plenty, an endless amount to spread around.

The great Franciscan, St. Bonaventure said that the “missio dei;” God’s job description was thick spreading goodness. I like that image. God’s church doesn’t have a mission. The mission has a church…to do the same, thick spread goodness. There is such need. And there are so many glimpses around St. Mary’s of this goodness. I visited St. Marys’ Food Bank with Mr. David Martinez, our Pastoral Council President, a few weeks back and met with our busy St. Vincent de Paul Society on Saturday. Both are lavish in their care for the needs of the many disadvantaged in our area. Many thanks for the catechists who generously began our religious education last weekend.

We welcome six new children into the faith this weekend. We also welcome Fr. Ron Mrozinski as a guest preacher for the liturgies of this weekend. He is a priest of the Diocese of St. George in Granada, representing “Cross Catholic Outreach,” a mission organization of priests and sisters working among the poor in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America. He notes that, “when people’s lives are touched by the plight of the poor, then the cross of Christ begins to make sense in their lives.” I know St. Mary’s will be generous in their response. Forty Days for Life begins on Tuesday, the 23rd at 7PM with a Mass here at St. Mary’s presided over by our Bishop. All are welcome.

A wonderful week to all.

Fr. Michael

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